Stuart 5 NHW Meeting Summary – 28/02/2017

It was pleasing to welcome many new community members to our last AGM & General NHW meeting.

All incumbent office bearers were re-elected.

All attendees were happy to see that Tim Tams were on the table (requested by one particular attendee at our previous meeting!).

Some of the topics discussed:

Appreciation to The Village Sales & Information Office at 12 Riveredge Boulevard for providing our new venue.

Turn the Screws initiative (One-way screws on car licence plates).

Kids Alert (formerly Tag & Release) at the Townsville Show.

NHW State Conference – Congratulations to our Area Co-ordinators Tony & Kay O’Connor, for being recognised and awarded for your services to NHW. You are awesome!

Our Christmas windup party.

Ride to Riverway Family Fun Day – Sunday 2nd April, 2017, 8:00 am – 10: 30 am (see previous Post).

Concerns raised – parking problems in a street in The Village.

Report community things that are bothering you to the QPS Policelink (131-444). Take photos, record time of occurence etc. to help paint a picture of the situation and so police can connect the dots on crime that may be happening elsewhere as well.

Guest speakers – A variety of suggestions for guest speakers was put forward, so look forward to getting answers to some of your queries.


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